employee using Sage software

TechnologyGalileo: Charting the future of freight.

Galileo represents a bold new way of thinking about logistics.

We designed it out of our frustration with other technology management systems – because we wanted to put more powerful tools in the hands of our brokers to better serve our shippers and carriers.

Technology + People = Power

This isn’t our first TMS rodeo. Our leadership team has over 320 years of combined industry experience finding new and better ways to make technology serve the people who use it. Because we know technology that’s not built around people is pointless.

100% cloud-based. 100% real time.

Galileo is event sourced and event driven, providing total visibility. The message-based platform delivers unprecedented flexibility while enabling near-instant communication between parties. So nothing gets overlooked.

Better. Faster. Stronger.

Galileo was designed to simplify and accelerate every transaction. It makes full use of automation to reduce team member touches, improve load selection, and maximize booking and tracking. The net result is higher margins and increased revenue – which is precisely what technology should deliver.

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